A downloadable game

The story opens at a gas station. You and your significant other are refueling when you're both stabbed and carjacked.

In your dying state you find yourself skipping back and forth between the underworld and the overworld (two versions of the same area). Your objective is to save your significant other while fighting back death itself.

As the story develops you learn more about death, your situation, and the sacrifices required to save your significant other and survive your fate.

Alec Maier: Production and Senior Programmer

Cameron Broyles: Level Design and Character Design

James Floyd: Story boarding and Programmer

Joshua Rentrope: Audio Design and Programmer

Jonathan Nguyen: Assistant Story boarder and Website design

Install instructions

The demo is 3D not 2D because I had a lot of 3D art and it works well when rendering to a low resolution pixel grid. We don't have to go with this look but it is the fastest workflow. The scene is also not a gas station due to my lack of a licenced gas station model, if we can find or make one that looks nice we could change it.

To run the game unzip the file and launch the .exe

To exit the game hit the Windows key and close the application from the taskbar.


Warm_up.mp3 4 MB
Heavy Track.mp3 4 MB
Necrosis_Beta_1.exe 20 MB